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Hi! I'm Remy, owner of Toronto Vintages...

       At Toronto Vintages, we are dedicated to finding good homes for lightly used, quality items where we mainly focus on vintages, antiques and we pop in the occasional thrift. We believe that it is possible to furnish your home, gift a loved one, or treat yourself with something previously loved that carries so much history and memory with it!  We live and breathe thrifting, so to be able to share our passion for recycling these fun finds is a dream come true and we have you all to thank for making it possible!

Hi, I'm Remy, I am the face behind the shop I always planned to own my own business, so after being laid off during the beginning of the pandemic, there was no better time to start!  I decided to turn my hobby of thrifting into a full-time job.

I have thrifted for a veryyyy long time.  I wear pretty much exclusively thrifted clothing, furnish my place with thrifts, antiques, vintages and I try my best to convince my friends and family to do the same. Sorry not sorry, haha...


      Here, at Toronto Vintages, we love finding out the background of a piece and imagining the life it had before coming into our hands. One of our favourite things to experience is when a client falls in love with a piece and is so ecstatic to be able to feature it in their home!  We hope we can bring that same excitement to each and every one of you.  


       Shopping local and sustainably has such a greatly positive impact on the environment and keeps countless things out of landfills.  We thrift all of our inventory and support charities when we can as well! Thank you for choosing to support a small, local busniess and honour the hard-working, talented hands that made the beautiful pieces that are featured in our store today.



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